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An ever increasing amount of people are learning about the peace of mind and independence a medical alert system provides to seniors and their family members.  These systems provide a level of safety and security that assist many people in staying independent far into their golden years.

We have reviewed the top leading products looking at response time, price, friendliness and many other factors to allow you to choose the product that best fits your needs and requirements.

Falls, medication mistakes, and other scares do happen, but with a proper alert system your loved one can be protected.  The products we have reviewed are listed below for your information and also include our top recommended product.

We hope that this site allows you to make a knowledgeable and informed decision for your loved one.

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#1 LifeStation – Best Product

Life Station Device
LifeStation is also the product that we found to consistently rate highest in our testing.  From ease of use to cost effectiveness LifeStation clearly matched or outperformed all our review criteria.  We also found that this product was responsible for returning security and independence back to many people who had begun to lose these important pieces of their lives.   Some of these highlights we felt important to include are:

  • Protection of your loved-one with state of the art equipment
  • Immediate and instant communication to an emergency care specialist.
  • Simple setup and convenient
  • Constant 24×7 support and reliability
  • Complete peace of mind for users and family alike

Find out why we recommend the LifeStation above any other product.

2) Sentry Telecare

Sentry Telecare is a daily scheduled check-in telephone service that can be set up to call multiple times a day.  This service does not have any installation charges, and reasonable monthly rates but we have found the down side of this service is that it requires constant access to a telephone and the telephone service does  not provide a live professional but  a recorded message.  Click here for more info.

3) VRI Medical Alert

The VRI Medical Alert System has a strong two-way voice communicator and a rechargeable battery backup system.  This system is portable and allows the user to carry the system with them in the house.  The VRI Medical Alert System does in some instances charge an additional fee for setup.  Click here for more info.

4) Response Link

The ResponseLINK alert system has 24×7 with representatives who will answer your emergency.  This product also provides reminders and wellness checks to the client. The product is wearable as a pendant by the user. Click here for more info.

5) Alert One

The Alert 1 unit consist of two pieces, both the base and personal button.  The company charges a monthly fee for its services, has a life time guarantee and meets UL guidelines and has been independently tested for performance.  Click here for more info.

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